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Trade-mark Filing Fees are Increasing!

Countdown to June 17 when Canada’s trade-mark filing fees go up 30%. Protect your brand by contacting us now for a free consultation on registering your trade-mark.  

Complete the form and let us know:

1. Your brand. (or What is the brand you want to protect?)
2. What is your brand worth to you? 
3. Is someone else benefiting from your brand and/or reputation/goodwill? (Ie. Unauthorized use)
4. Why do you want a trademark?
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DURAND MORISSEAU s.e.n.c.r.l./LLP is a dynamic law firm working in both Québec and Ontario focused on providing an array of legal services to our clients, ranging from individuals to large corporations. The foundation of our practice is based on strong client relationships and providing valuable solutions.

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