FinTech is one of the world’s fastest growing industries which may combine a variety of technologies, such as mobile banking, peer-to-peer lending and e-commerce with blockchain distributed ledger and cryptocurrency technologies which are revolutionizing the financial industry, and the way payments are being made. In the last two years cryptocurrency and blockchain has become a global phenomenon, with the number of FinTech companies in Canada growing exponentially, with hundreds of new FinTech start-ups emerging throughout Canada in 2017 alone.

With the excessive growth of the FinTech industry, Durand Morisseau has positioned itself to be your reference in this space. Whether you are a financial institution looking to develop new technology in this space, or an Initial Coin Offering looking to enter into the Canadian market, Durand Morisseau has been monitoring this space to assist clients navigate this ever-changing system. We are able to assist FinTech companies, anywhere from brand new start-ups to already established companies, as they navigate the national and international regulatory regimes. As Canada’s regulatory regime, including those which govern securities and banking throughout the country, try to protect the financial system without obstructing innovation from this new technology, Durand Morisseau is committed to providing a high level of service required to clear hurdles or overcome regulatory challenges.

The Durand Morisseau FinTech team is looking to join the front lines of the FinTech movement as the law, Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, is under review. Blockchain and cryptocurrency will play a significant role in the way business is conducted within Canada and in a global context. Durand Morisseau is a multi-disciplinary firm with expertise in the areas of commercial-corporate law, contract law, intellectual property law and privacy law which are all going to help provide your FinTech company with the highest quality of services and advice.

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