Author: David Durand

Those dealing in precious metals in Canada must comply with several requirements, ranging from AML/ATF[1] considerations to marking requirements under the Precious Metals Marking Act (“PMMA”)[2] and its corresponding regulations[3] and guides[4], released by the Competition Bureau of Canada.

In line with Canada’s efforts to modernize its trademarks regime and accession to various international treatises[5], Canadian trademark applicants will now have to specifically identify the class of goods and services in which their goods and services will fall under the Nice Classification[6]. Though the majority of precious metal goods will fall within Class 14, other classes may apply and be included in your trademark application. Further note that as of June 17, 2019, government filing fees will be based on classification, namely $330.00 (CAD) for the first class, and $100.00 for each additional class for applications filed online. In this regard, it is recommended to file multi-class applications in Canada before the June 17, 2019 cut-off so as to benefit of the current fee structure.

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